If you have been reading my blog, you can see that I discuss digital marketing and SEO in general. If you are in the SEO field or if you are taking SEO training, you will certainly come across these terms: On-Page and Off-Page Optimization. These are things that matter a lot in SEO and therefore, the optimization of your website. Both are indispensable and paramount to your website’s top rankings in search engines. These techniques, when applied in the correct way, can help in getting your site easily found by the search engines in response to a particular query by a user, which contains the relevant keywords.

Even as the significance of social media like Facebook and Twitter has increased in the recent times changing the whole nature of SEO today, it is remarkable that each company use the practice of On-Page and Off-Page optimization for making their websites come up at the top in the organic search engine listings. Though these activities have different characteristics, they are done for achieving the same goal of being on top in Google.

So let’s take a look at what on-page and off -page optimization are.

On-Page Optimization

On Page optimization relates to techniques which you can directly apply onto your website to make it look presentable to the search engine. These are concerned with changing the website’s title and description, header tags, internal linking, Meta tags and Meta descriptions. This helps in increasing the legibility and in making your website updated and fresh, thus helping in making an SEO friendly website that’s also in tune to what visitors are looking for. Here are the most important components that are part of On Page SEO:


  • on-page-seoContent: It’s the content on the web page that is talking to the visitors and tells them about your organization. Recalling that content is king; your website should have rich content that is appealing to the viewers while having relevant keywords that meet your business objectives. Also after the Google panda update, it’s only those websites with quality content that can attain top rankings. This is because of some of the websites following the practice of having bad quality links with mediocre content.
  • Title tags: These tags don’t show up on the page but are coded into the HTML and visible at the title bar of the website. It’s also shown up on Google when it shows your website in the listings for a search engine query. These titles should at all times contain the relevant keywords related to what your business or website is about. That way, your website has the highest chance of being shown by Google on the top when someone searches for keywords matching your title.
  • Meta Descriptions: These have the same nature as the title tags in that they are given in the HTML code of the website and are shown as the description by Google. This can be treated like a small word-of-mouth advertisement about your business in 150-160 characters Again, it’s worth noting that the Meta description should also contain the right keywords, which will be highlighted by Google on the search engine results page as well as persuade the visitor to click onto your website if he sees the description he wants.
  • Heading Tags: Your headings (H1 tag) and subheading (H2, H3, and H4) should contain all the possible keywords and key phrases that are related to your business services. Search engines pay attention to those header tags which are enriched with the right keywords.
  • Internal Links: Links within your page are useful for simple and easy navigation on the website and when these links are coupled with the right keywords, it can make your website recognizable in the eyes of Google.

Off Page optimization

This is done indirectly and off the web page to increase the popularity of your website across the internet.

  • Online Reputation Management (ORM): Negative listings and reviews can take a toll on your site rankings in Google and thus be an injury to your business, its associates, and employees. ORM helps in positive promotion of your website across the internet with the help of social networking sites to share encouraging and promotional content to the viewers online.
  • Back linking: When your website is linked from other sites that are not part of your business, Google trusts your website for the credibility and uniqueness the matter on your site. When such content is broadcasted in the right way to the right customers, you can get linked more by others. This is also called link baiting.
  • Social interaction on your website: When you can gather likes from Facebook users on off-page-seo-techniquesyour website or if your content is tweeted a lot of times, your website rankings can go up. You can also engage by replying to questions posed by the visitors of your site to create and maintain activity on your website.
  • Blogging: When visitors find a blog on your web page, they will be thrilled to know about your business products and services. Video blogging can convey how-to’s and many inspirational imageries and visual content that’s interesting and compels the viewers to share or take action. This way your site gets linked and Google crawls through these links, thus positioning your web page at the highest in the Google listings.

There are also some more off-page SEO techniques and those are social bookmarking, directory submission which is concerned with submitting your site link to various web directories as well as blog and article submission.

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Digital marketing is one of the hot careers today, and if you are aspiring to make your mark in this transforming platform, then selecting a digital marketing course that’s precise and incorporated with the latest trends is preeminent to have a good progress in the digital marketing career. Before choosing the course, you need to do a substantial amount of research, taking your own time, to weigh the pros and cons of each course. You need to choose your options as per the goals you have set in the career department. The good news is that there is a variety of courses to select according to your knowledge and level of experience in the internet marketing field. There is lots of misleading information out there on the internet and it’s important to investigate and analyze which is the best course for you.

Some of the questions worth asking at this point are:

  • Does the course impart in you all that you need to know for starting/advancing a career in digital marketing?
  • What’s the faculty’s experience in this industry?
  • Does the course include working on live and actual projects?
  • Can the course take you to higher levels in the field or nurture you into a smart professional with knowledge of all the latest tactics and techniques of digital marketing?
  • Is the course flexible and up to date in accordance with the evolving trends of search engine algorithms and internet marketing?

You can answer these questions as per the level of education you need in the area of digital marketing as well as some basic understanding you have on the subject, how much more you need to learn and where to apply it.

If you are just a beginner with no prior knowledge of what digital marketing is and how it’s done, then you can take a look at the Digital Marketing course which ILT has formulated just for you. It comes with a certification from Google, which is called Google Ad Words. In addition to giving a comprehensive account of digital marketing, you are provided hands-on training with live projects along with personal care and attention. You can apply what you learn at the same time. Being certified as a Google Ad Words professional adds a feather in the cap by making you recognizable to the various companies out there as an up to date digital marketing professional with a high level of expertise, who is capable of creating, developing and maintaining their business on the internet.


On the other hand, if you have some experience in the digital marketing field already, you can go for the advanced modules of the digital marketing course. Again, it is crucial to inspect what all topics are covered in each part of the course. Whatever it is that you want, like a promising and favorable beginning to the digital marketing career or whether you want to break new grounds in this field, it is significant that each step you take is a step towards your goal. In other words, it means you need to match what you get from a course to what you aspire to build your career. ILT is a great place that realizes your needs and attends to it as required, by cultivating the knack and expertise to bloom you into successful digital marketing professionals.

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The internet is now a part and parcel of our day-to-day life. We use the internet for work as part of our job and to connect with people from all over the world and exchange messages on social media. This media has taken over the visual media like TV and also the print media like newspapers and magazines. People can find information on anything when they want. The good news is anyone can upload any information when they want. Businesses and companies can communicate information to its customers on the internet. They can use the internet and apply the relevant marketing strategies on the internet and get lots of their webpage visitors to turn into their customers buying their products and services.


  • Digital marketing costs way less than TV ad campaigns and newspaper ad listings but they yield higher returns and better results than them.
  • You can track the results and customer feedback real time unlike the other media where you never can guess what people from various parts of the world are thinking.
  • The versatility of digital marketing enables you to make changes in your ad campaigns in no time; whereas once a TV ad is aired, huge costs are required to alter them.


Just like there are guidelines and techniques for TV and newspaper advertising that’s formulated by the marketing managers, there are some fundamental principles and techniques in digital marketing campaigns. A course in digital marketing empowers you with these guidelines and strategies.


Benefits a digital marketing course provides you

  1. You can promote your business online: If people are looking for the products you offer on a search engine, they are likely to be your prospective purchasers. If your company is not on the top rankings or is not present online, people won’t know you and you lose a huge market. A digital marketing course solves this problem by training you to make your website awesome and interactive with techniques of SEO content writing, online branding and reputation management. You can plan a perfect digital marketing strategy for your company with inputs from this course.


  1. There are a number of positions dedicated to the field of digital marketing: The digital marketing arena is expanding and needs a lot of professionals who knows the nuts and bolts of digital marketing. The hot field is highly evolving and can never be out of the marketing industry. One can work as a freelancer or as part of the digital marketing team in a company.DigitalMarketingBenefits
  1. Your can keep ahead of competition or be at par with competitors: If your business is stagnant or about to be shut down due to very low sales, then it’s likely that you have not adopted digital marketing as part of your advertising plans. Since the world is basically living in the internet, your online presence is significant along with the use of appropriate strategies against the target customer groups.
  2. There is a breakthrough on investments in digital media campaigns: The Magna Global in USA forecasts that the investment in digital media campaigns will surpass that of TV media. The US alone has spent more than 60 billion dollars in digital marketing campaigns. The amount is only going to accelerate and companies are going to demand specialists in the field, which is budding already with so many opportunities.

While there may be many divergent predictions by experts, it is an agreed fact that the digital marketing field is never going to be static for the times to come. You can step into the domain of digital marketing with a certification course from a reputed institute that specializes in this field. If you have more reasons as to how a digital marketing course can benefit you, feel free to post your comments below.

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A comprehensive knowledge of writing as well as a thorough understanding of the topic is what it takes to write any content. The ingenuity and novelty of content contribute to its success and fruitfulness. There are no hard and fast rules on how content is to be written but just like every art has a basic or underlying essence; content writing too is governed by some important basic concepts.

If your content is engaging and interesting to the reader, it has the power to capture the attention of an enormous amount of people worldwide. The company for which the content is written for derives various other benefits in addition to making its website search engine optimized.content-writing2

Good content requires a good amount of time to be written as we can write endlessly on a certain subject. It’s important to establish your goals clearly and chart an outline of what it is you want your readers to see and how it is to be seen and perceived. Once your goals are defined, you are ready to pen down your matter.

Let us see how to make your content look good and attractive to the eyes of Google:

A good content should speak out to its readers: Everyone must understand it. Besides conveying what you intend to, it is significant that it is portrayed in a simple manner with no complications. People tend to be distracted from contents which are too elaborate and an article will be boring if people do not know the meaning of many words in the content. They will navigate away from those web pages and though your content is very innovative and descriptive, it can lose its rankings.

content-writingThe golden rule is to keep it simple: The words and sentences in your article should flow like a river, spontaneously. Just like an artist paints a picture without much deliberation, one should write content in a realistic way without much contemplation. Be your real self. We all love a good picture and similarly, Google too loves a content that’s self-descriptive and captivating at the same time. Such content has the inherent capability to get linked and shared on social media.

No keyword stuffing: On page and off page optimization are the two techniques used to make a website SEO friendly. On page optimization technique means optimizing the quality of content on your web page. Keywords are not everything that matters. Instead of stuffing keywords into your article, you need to be open to playing with words in a spontaneous way while writing your article. While stuffing keywords into your article, you are literally getting penalized by Google, only to throw away your endeavors.content-writing1

Avoid fake links: Creating fake purchased links or doorway pages and manipulating search engines with low-quality backlinks and automated tools can ultimately result in getting your website penalized by Google.

Therefore, rich content which is self-descriptive makes your web page appealing to its visitors and the timely revision and frequent update of the content on your website make it SEO friendly, thus earning top placements in search engines like Google.

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In digital marketing campaigns, a landing page can either give way to a transaction or ward away the visitors of that web page. A landing page is the most significant page as far as digital marketing is concerned. It’s what the visitors see at first, as they click onto the website from search engine listings or social media links. This page should have everything that the customers want to see in a brief and catchy way. The contents on the web page should have graphics and text all arranged in a way to persuade the prospective customers into buying the company’s products and services.lnd1


A landing page should capture all senses of the visitor and make him want to try out the company’s products. Simply put a landing page should convert the visitors of the web page to the company’s customers. To achieve this goal, the landing page should be tailor made to keep pace with the changing needs of the customers.

  1. Maintain Stability: The landing page is to be updated and revised frequently to adapt to the customers’ evolving needs. But the information displayed on the web page should always portray the same meaning to the customers. Once the potential customer reaches to a landing page from a search engine or email or blog, he should find what he is looking for, else he may get distracted and click on to the next link.
  2. Catchy slogans and Appealing Graphics: The text content should be kept to the minimum and the landing page should be optimized with catchy phrases and graphics and visuals which attract and lure the customers.landing-page-optimization
  3. Keep it simple and straightforward: The landing page should not be cluttered with all information at one go. It is a known fact that tremendous amount of information or repetitive information and detailed descriptions can bore the audience and make them wanders away from the website. Customers who need detailed product descriptions should be able to get it by clicking on a link under the respective product.
  4. Highlight the positives and persuade the prospective customers: It should also captivate the attention of the visitors and convert that into sales. The focus should be on the positive features of the product and what value a customer earns on being the owner of the product. As the number of competitors for your product increases, the content on the page should focus on what best it can offer than others in the market.
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SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role in developing a business and it is crucial for a webmaster to comprehend all the SEO strategies and techniques and apply the same while building a website for the business.

Meaning of SEO or Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a brief set of techniques and strategies to be incorporated into a website by the website or blog owners, in order to optimize the perceptibility and visibility of the website in search engine listings, that is, to give the website top placement in search engine rankings.

seo banner1

Besides this, SEO services can be of great assistance to improve the quality of content on the website and make it visitor friendly, with swift and smooth navigation. SEO constitutes various rules and principles, along with many stages in a process using controls.

The Significance of SEO

With so many rivals and fierce competition among businesses in today’s markets, adopting the practice of SEO is highly significant and a must to thrive in the business. The search engines are catering to so many queries from so many users worldwide and if you want your website to be on top, you should incorporate all latest SEO techniques to it, along with establishing and meeting your business goals.

So why is SEO so significant?

 The user making a search engine query related to your business product or service is highly likely to be the potential consumer of your product. This user will only look at the first page of the search engine listings and click on the top 5 search lists, in most cases. SEO helps you to rank among the top 5 of these listings.

seo bann

It enriches user business interaction with quality content and visitor-friendly web pages, along with smooth navigation across the site.

The user believes the top listings returned to a search engine query to be from highly reputed businesses. This makes them trust your website as well as easier for you to promote your brand image by serving more customers.

If these customers are served well, they are more likely to support your business through social media like Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Websites with multiple site owners can directly benefit from SEO through an increase in visitor traffic. In addition to that, they can benefit from following a pre-planned arrangement of contents on a website before it is published.

As pointed out here, ultimately an SEO friendly website is highly likely to get more customers than a competitor of your business whose page is not optimized for SEO.

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The internet is a huge warehouse where lots of information is getting transmitted every minute. Some of this information can be favorable to your business while others may not be so. After a business has endeavored and progressed by getting a high ranking in search engines, a listing which is negative can bring it down.

That’s where ORM or Online Reputation Management comes into the picture. With the aid of ORM, not only the company’s brand image and the key business products and services, but also the workforce, business associates and everything associated with the business can be sheltered against the consequences of an unfavorable listing. The benefits ORM or Online Profile Management will provide the business are discussed below.ORM banner1

Before that one should note that the online listings are used in different ways, some of which are:

  • By the prospective purchaser of the company’s merchandise and amenities
  • For researching on the business by customers
  • For investigation of the business by prospective investors
  • For enquiry by media to create/augment news reports
  • By future employees before they are recruited.

Inevitably, a negative listing can impede and damage your business before it is even realized. Don’t let the prospective relations with the business be blacked out, by making them mistrust and misjudge your caliber and authenticity as well as in the genuineness of your offerings and, before they have even begun.

orm banner

So let’s take a look at what ORM does for your business:

  1. ORM(Online Reputation Management) is inexpensive compared to other marketing efforts

Creating and maintaining a company profile online can be done at a significantly low cost compared to the risk of losing valuable consumers for the firm’s products and the strain and pressure for the owners/managers associated with it.

  1. ORM boosts favorable communication of your business and discards undesirable reviews

Due to the rising height of involvement online combined with the amplifying characteristic of the Internet, information about your products and the competence of your business services get transmitted fast enough. But if this information contains negative reviews, it can have adverse consequences on your business. ORM helps to discard such negative listings and elevate your position on search engine rankings.

  1. ORM conveys a good picture of your business

Online Profile Management assures you to convey what you want the public to hear about your company and your products by giving them the best and positive description of your business, with no barriers.

  1. ORM assists in providing authority over the top search engine listings

Using the tactics and techniques of keyword management, your webpage will be search engine optimized to take hold over the top ten listings in a search engine query related to your business, since the top ten search engine results are most likely to be clicked by the prospective customer. ORM campaigns help to eliminate your negative listings and move your webpage ranking upwards, therefore increasing the popularity and efficiency of your business.

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